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Swallowed Fishhook Remover


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The Swallowed Fishhook Remover rotates the hook up to 200 degrees allowing it to be safely removed without further damage to the fish.

  • Recommended for inshore fishing
  • Tested successfully on fish such as redfish, catfish, bass, etc.

Color:  Black and green grip with stainless steel barrel
Size:  13.75″ x 5”

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We Set Out To Solve A Real Problem… Problem Solved!

If you are fishing in a catch and release area or if you have caught an undersized fish, the main goal is to swiftly release the fish live. The Swallowed Fishhook Remover safely removes a swallowed hook without further damage to the fish and it’s simplicity and ease of use significantly reduces the time the fish spends out of the water.

Since many hooks are made of metals that don’t rust, cutting the line and leaving the hook in the fish can impede the fish’s ability to eat and make them unable to swallow their prey. The sharp hook is also exposed and can puncture other vital organs. Cutting the hook also entails time spent retying a hook, lost equipment and reduced time spent fishing.

Safely Remove A Swallowed FishHook

Mechanically Rotates Hook 200 Degrees

One Awesome Conservation Tool!

Stylized diagram depicting the swallowed fishhook remover reversing a hook.

How It Works..

The hook cylinder rotates the hook 200 degrees, reversing the direction of the hook and barb allowing it to be dislodged from the stomach. It can then be removed from the fish without the barb re-engaging the fish’s tissue.

Directions FOR USE:

​1. Insert the shank of the fishhook into the slot of the cylinder at the tip of the Hook Remover.
2. Pull the trigger to rotate the hook
3. If the hook does not rotate freely, press the tip of the hook remover gently in towards the fish’s stomach and slightly rotate your hand or the fish.

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6 reviews for Swallowed Fishhook Remover

  1. Jeff Boerger

    I was skeptical!! But I was fishing on private property and really wanted to respect the people who let me fish there. So, no dead fish if at all possible. I know I had to have killed fish that swallowed the hook, and did not want it to happen again. That is the reason I purchased this hook remover. It works, and works well!! There was a bit of a learning curve, but you can watch me use it the first time because my son recorded it. https://youtu.be/DWs2eNpz98g I recommend this tool for everyone bass fishing, I imagine it works well with others, but I am just fishing fresh water large mouth bass at this time.

    • Hynes Bay

      Thanks for the feedback and the video. We’re glad it worked for you!

  2. Jeremy H.

    This tool works! I gut hooked a little largie that I would’ve had to leave the hook in and hope it would survive. However, with this hook remover, I was able to get the hook out and the fish swam away no problem! Don’t kid yourself, we all gut hook from time to time. Get this tool and we can all save some fish!

    • Hynes Bay

      We’re glad our hookremover worked for you and the fish!

  3. Doug Garland

    Great tool and a must have in the boat! I frequently bass fish with weightless soft plastics. Some times the bass will pick up the bait and swallow it before I realize I have a fish on. I used this tool to effortlessly remove the hook on 2 small bass my first trip out. In the past I would use needle nose pliers and it would sometimes damage the fish. This tool turns the hook and allows for easy hook removal!

    • Hynes Bay

      That’s great to hear! Thanks for taking the time to let us know.

  4. Jennifer Rucker

    Great product! We used it for the first time on our last fishing trip to the Texas coast. Swallowed hooks were quick and easy to remove-saving the fish! Well built and easy to use. Would definitely recommend if you are an avid fisherman/woman!

    • Hynes Bay

      That’s great to hear! We appreciate you taking the time to let us know.

  5. Jeff Boerger

    This is my second review of this product. Got a better video of it in action. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hY9lqNN_CM
    Had a Large Mouth Bass that swallowed the hook. It was not “legal” so I needed to release back. Using this tool for removing a swallowed hook works. This is the 3rd time I have needed to use it, so I am still not real good at it. The trick is to get it on the shaft of the hook. If it is not straight on the shaft it will fail as you see on the video, but when you get it on correctly the hook pops right out!! GREAT TOOL!! hookremover.com

    • Hynes Bay

      Jeff, Thanks so much for the second video! We are so glad you were able to remove the hook. Your video is perfect to illustrate a few techniques that allow you to use the hook remover more effectively. First, as you discovered, removing any soft plastic bait allows you to see and access the hook shank more easily. Second, this model is designed to be used with the hook remover held in your right hand. This again allows you to see the shank better. Finally, with the hook remover held vertically this ensures that the hook remains in the cylinder as it rotates. For reference, this model can be altered to be used with the left hand (email us at info@hookremover.com for details). Thanks again!

  6. Bill McMillon

    When I picked up this hook remover I had my doubts about it working. To my amazement it really works better than I was hoping for. It is fantastic. Mine has already saved the lives of several fish. I’ve already bought two more hook removers as Christmas gifts..

    • Hynes Bay

      Thanks for letting us know! We are glad it worked for you.

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